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September Members Meeting

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Last night saw our September Members Meeting held at Olney Rugby Club.

Thank you to all those that attended and thank you to Olney for hosting.

The main subject of the evening was a presentation by Tristan Lee entitled Pre-Match Preparation. This went through the prep from receiving your appointment unto the kick-off. The presentation included discussions around various topics of preparation particularly about people preferred approach and the differences between games at different levels.

The presentation has now been loaded to the training page of the website.

There then followed various admin points including...

  • Availability and appointments.

  • The new match-day feedback forms (see earlier news item).

  • The new kit supplier (see following news item).

  • Red card reporting via WTR and disciplinary outcomes.

John Wearing also ran a quick law quiz.

The new meeting will be on Monday 23rd October at BBOB.

Timothy Wilcox

19 Sept 2023


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