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Global Law Trials Adopted Into Law

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

As you will know, the World Rugby Council meeting last month approved a number of law-related matters. The previous Global Law Trials all move into full law, with two new GLTs relating to the scrum and hooker brake foot, and around water carriers/tech zone, being introduced. There are also a number of minor amends as well which referees, I’m sure, will need to be appraised of.

All the law changes come into force on Friday 1st July, or for competitions that start after that date. Some competitions, which have started in the last week or so, have been given permission to go early.

The WR Laws content – website and app - will be updated on Friday 1st July, and the World Rugby Laws Exam will be updated early the following week to ensure the answers reflect the laws in play.

To help you disseminate this informatiom to game stakeholders, a Box file share has been created at - - in which you can find...

· A powerpoint slide deck which you may find useful for local cascade for referees associations/societies to use. There are speaker notes in the appropriate area which may also help delivery.

· The revised TMO protocol which replaces the current version from 1 July. (Eng, Sp, Fr)

· A new 7s TMO protocol (Eng, Sp ,Fr) which was recently approved for use

· A Water Carrier & Technical Zone FAQ document covering questions we’ve been answering so far.

On the water carriers and technical zone changes, you may have noticed that the focus of media reporting has been around the designated water breaks, which will stop water carriers coming on at every stoppage. The law change is clear that these breaks (2 per half) are only for the elite end of the game with 23-man sized squads. During the review process, WR were not made aware that this was a particular issue in the community game. Therefore, the main impact on non-elite rugby is to restrict the carriers to the technical areas until needed, and to introduce a sanction should they interfere with the ball or live play. Water carriers may still come on at suitable stoppages in the rest of the game.


The downloaded documents from the weblink can been found in the Documents section of this website.



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