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DLV Coherence Videos.

You will all, I'm sure, have seen the emails from the England Rugby Referees Association inviting you to participate in their DLV Coherence Events. Four have already taken place and two remain; the next one being on Wednesday 25th October at 7pm. I have not personally taken part in any of the four preceding events but I have now watched the catch-up videos and found them to be mighty interesting. I would highly recommend that you all take the time and watch these videos.

You can find the link to be past presentations on the Tackle Hub at...

Scroll down to the section entitle Referees and then further down to Coherence Sessions.

(You do need to fill in the registration each time but that does not seem to have any adverse consequences)

I have seen all of the scenarios discussed in my games this season and have generally come to the same conclusions and the RFU Panel. However, there are a couple where I have varied (in both directions) and, in session 4, their threshold for escalation for repeat offences is much lower than mine.

Have a look and see what you think.

Timothy Wilcox

22 Oct 2023


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