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Foreign Exchanges.

Prior to the advent of Covid the Society had an association with two referee societies in the US and one in South Africa. We would try to run exchange visits with these societies by sending two or three of our referees over there and hosting two or three of their referees over here.

The Potomac Society (Washington DC) has approached the Society with a view to reviving these exchange visits.

The Executive would like to know members thoughts on this.

The outgoing exchanges would be open to any member of whatever level or length of service. In general you would be required to fund your own transatlantic travel, but most other expenses would be covered by the hosts. They would house you, transport you etc etc.

Incoming exchanges would need people to host them. Guests would need to be housed, transported etc etc.

Would members be interested in travelling abroad to referee?

Would members be willing to host incoming referees?

People who have participated in the past, both as outgoing referees or as hosts, say what a good experience it was. However, this can not happen without the full support of members.

Please let the Executive know your thoughts...

Timothy Wilcox

20 Sep 2023


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