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The New Season is Upon Us.

The 2022 - 2023 season is almost upon us. There are things you need to do to be ready for the new year...

  1. Do the Headcase Concussion Awareness course. Concussion is the number one topic in rugby today, so you need to do this course every season to refresh you awareness.

  2. Do the Introduction to Safeguarding course. If you do any age-grade games (and yes those hulking 6'6" U18 players are still regarded as Minors) you need to do this course prior to each season.

  3. Check you DBS in up to date. Again this is for age grade games.

  4. Update your availability on Who's The Ref. You won't get a game if you are not down as available. Remember that there are games on days other that just Saturdays.

  5. Read the 2022 Law Book and do the WR Laws exam. Also check on the Global Law Trails and the Law Clarifications.

  6. Check you kit and clean your whistle. Don't want to get ill because of the bugs in you whistle.

  7. Pay your Society Dues. Details can be found in the documents section.

Oh, and there is also that pre-season training thing which I'm sure that you have all been doing. If you did not attend the conference and do the Bonco Test, it is easy to do yourself at your local club and on any piece of open ground. Do the test and log your time.

Good Luck to you all.


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