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RFU Report Forms & Guidance

This season’s report writing forms are now available on the Referee Resources pages of the England Rugby website at

Copies of the forms are also available in the Documents section of this website.

You will find the following forms hosted there,

  • Discipline Report Writing Guidance

  • Adult Red Card Report Form (Women’s Level 2 and below and Men’s Level 5 and below)

  • Age Grade Red Card Report Form

  • Match Official Abuse Report Writing Guidance

  • Match Official Abuse Report Form (Women's Level 2 and below, and Men’s Level 5 and below)

  • Advice for Referees when abandoning a match

  • Match Abandonment Report Form

You will need to download the forms to be able to edit and save them correctly.

Remember, if you have sent someone off or otherwise have cause to use one of these forms you should telephone either Colin Write or Chris Rowan as soon as is practical after the match and you should complete the appropriate form within 24 hours. Once complete, please email the form to Chris Rowan who will deal with the admin.


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